Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution

Accelerate Executive Insight

Competing for Customers continues to help leaders understand the new subscripiton environment and the customer focus organizations need to be successful. At Oracle's AEI event, C4C was used in the leadership development program for the top talent winthin Oracle. 

From Shadow IT to Shallow IT

With the advent of the cloud, CIOs are experiencing a revolutionary change in their roles and responsibilities. Subscription-based solutions can now be “turned on” vs. “implemented,” greatly reducing the IT requirements for deploying and maintaining these solutions. Click here to read how CIOs can leverage cloud service partners to drive business transformation.

30 Top Customer Experience Books

Competing for Customers made eglobalis' top 30 customer experiences list. Click here to see who else made this list and see how companies are focusing more on their current customers. 

Lessons from the Road to Customer Centricity

We hear a lot about customer-centric and customer-obsessed organizations; but what exactly does customer centricity mean in today's digital economy? Jeb Dasteel, Seniro VP and CCO, Oracle takes on this topic here

You Can Hear Me Now, But Are You Listening?

Gathering input from customers in't a new concept. What companies haven't been good a, however, is capturing different kinds of feedback, and then training their efforts on making their customers more successful in ways that their customers describe. Click here to see how the authors of Competing for Customers explore the concept of listening posts.  

Does Your Marketing Campaign Make You Feel?

Just as an emoi can elicit an emotion, marketing works best when it speaks to you personally - when you "feel" something, as though the company knows who you are and what you need. Explore how marketing can take a leadership role in designing an engagement program  here

Providing the Accelerated Buyng Experience

As part of the CXM Interview Series, Marija Pavlovic spke with Jeb Dasteel about the importance of customer success and emplyee satisfaction for the effective customer experience strategy.  Click here to read the interview. 

Results Always Trump Good Intentions

"The road to failure is paved with good intentions." This lesson is spot-on when it coes to sustaining successful customer relationships in the new subscription economy, where ensuring business outcomes is paramount. Click  here  to read the Forbes Brand Voice article from Jeb.

What Does 'The Customer Is Always Right' Mean?

You've heard the saying "the customer is always right," but it's time to take that ideas a step further.  Click here to take the next steps to ensure that customers' business objectives are met. 

Cloud Purchasing, Simplified

Oracle introduced the Accelerated Buying Experience designed with their customs' needs in mind. Click  here  to read how Oracle is planning to expand the Acelerated Buying Experience.